Tuesday, 28 April 2009

An inconvenient truth - the flu end of the world

I HAVE THE FLU!!! (pause for sympathy...)

So do some people in Israel, some in New Zealand, some in Airdrie.

However, I'm not panicking.

Like Bird Flu, the media has gone on the "humanity at risk" approach. Journalists are talking about "waves of the disease being transmitted". Gordon Brown is trying to look important by not only arranging a COBRA meeting (aka "just a meeting in a different room"), but by triumphantly announcing "I will be attending the COBRA meeting".

"Waves of the disease"? Really? That's a bit over-the-top.

Normal flu kills people. Swine Flu kills people. Sars was going to kill millions.
Somehow, I don't see this being anything we even remember in a month's time.

We have the flu. It's the worldwide equivalent of "there's a bug going about". That's it!

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