Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Debt, debt, debt.

National debt will be 79% of GDP by 2013/14?

WOW! We're ****ed.

We are already so far in debt, if we were a football club, we'd be docked points as the administrators knocked down our doors.

So to continue spending, continue borrowing, throwing our money around, literally throwing it in every (political) direction and not to cut anything (e.g. quangos, trident?) is scaring the cr@p out of Political Dissuasion. Al I can hear as I type is "investment", "new funding", "do more", "additional", "increase in...". Christ, this is bad!

And, the car scrappage scheme WILL happen. Lost it, they've lost it. He's just claimed we are a "confident Britain". I hope there's a net at the bottom of the cliff we've just been pushed off!

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