Saturday, 18 April 2009

Got what it takes? Er, not really!

So, Salmond's new slogan for Scotland is...

"We've got what it takes" supported by the Scotland flag, promising to guide Scotland through, and out of, the recession.

Just one problem, before any Nats are thinking about getting tattooed. We've not got what it takes. The SNP doesn't have what it takes, the Scottish Parliament doesn't have what it takes, Scotland dooesn't have what it takes. In fact, by definition, the SNP have been saying for years that we don't...

We don't have the financial powers to see us through, to do it ourselves, to set our own course as Scotland. We are at the mercy of Westminster because, on these matters, we're the UK, not Scotland.

We may have the talent (debatable to some),
We may have the will,
We may have a progressive Parliament,
We may even have consensus from time to time,
And we may have a catchy slogan...
But as Scotty would say..."We just can't do it Captain, we don't have the powerrrrrrr"

So let's not kid ourselves, and let's not have the SNP turning into New Labour, by giving us slogans which do nothing, and mean less ( remember forward, not back?). We're about to have a UK budget (remember Nats, we are still part of that thing) and Scotland will probably take a big financial hit as Brown tries to quash morale in Scotland for independence. We're also about to be whacked, quite hard, with tax increases left, right and centre.

So don't forget, you may have what it takes, but we actually don't.
Westminster's still the daddy, albeit for now, but they are.

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Political Dissuasion said...

I don't usually delete posts, but in the interests of disclosure, deleted one about a guy's penis. Somehow, I don't think it was related to topic.

Either that or the Nats have a new, very nasty attack campaign targetting little known blogs!