Monday, 13 April 2009

Gordon Brown's talks...again

Gordon Brown on the SmearGate nonsense...“Any activity such as this that affects the reputation of our politics is a matter of great regret to me and I am ready to take whatever action is necessary to improve our political system.”

"...I am ready to take whatever action is necessary to..." - JUST SHUT THE F*** UP!

Stop saying "will do whatever is necessary", "must do whatever it takes" and "the necessary action". These are not policies. These are not tactics. These are not confidence-inspiring strategic announcements with which the country can look forward.

After a very brief google search, Gordon Brown has used the phrase "whatever is necessary", not including any other variations, on the following topics...

The Government steadying/saving the banks
The Government tackling unemployment
The Government helping the car industry
To preserve the union against Scottish Independence
To ensure investment in digital technologies
To defend Britain from terrorism
To ensure petrol supplies to petrol stations
The Government getting money back from Icelandic banks
The Government helping out the Eastern European countries
The Government's war in Afghanistan
The Government's war in Iraq

and so on...and so on...

And apart from petrol distribution and Scottish Independence, none of the above are looking like the rosiest of gradens at present (and independence is only being flushed out because he fucked the economy, and in turn, suspiciously sold off the Scottish banks pretty quickly).

We need action, we need a plan and strategy and a thought-process and... just something. Not the same flimsy line, like the G20 saying, "Problem solved, we'll all do whatever is necessary - and go after tax-havens. The recession is defeated". No Gordo, we need "We will do ______ (this is where you insert an actual policy, drive, initiative... like solving the unemployment crisis?).

So shut up, roll up your sleeves, and just f***ing DO SOMETHING. Stop talking about how you're leading us, stop reminding us "as Prime Minister". You call the Tories 'the do nothing party', but bluster is not graft so you are just as guilty as your criticism.

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