Monday, 27 April 2009

***Exclusive - Lord West Placed The Bet***

It's all a question of language...

Lord Brown: "I have never placed a bet at all while a minister ever on a political issue".
The crucial words here are "at all while a minister". Why put that in Lord West? Why throw that in?

The bet was made after Brown became Prime Minister - 28 June 2007

Lord West became a minister - 1 August 2007.

That leaves a 34 day gap where Brown was bouncing, the odds were high and Lord Brown was not a minister...

You say "I have never placed a bet on Labour losing the election" but can you confirm if you placed a bet that the Conservatives would win one, or that Labour would win in coalition? You do not rule out placing a bet, you just rule out that specific bet.

It's all about the language of the bet placed and the language West is using. Somehow, I think Lord West has been caught out. Somehow, I think Lord West placed a bet at 66-1 between 28/6/07 and 01/8/07. What say you, m'lord?

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Anonymous said...


I reckon, seeing as it isn't against the rules, that Darling should take the £175bn we're borrowing and place it on Cameron being the PM after the election. At odds of 1:2 against, we could make £87.5bn of our debt back!