Monday, 15 September 2008

That Gray area between truth and appearance of truth - where Labour lies

After reading Iain Gray's article in the Independent, I had to point out a few things about this ever-worsening-in-my-eyes leader.

I'm no SNP supporter, but still, a couple of questions for Iain

1) In the current climate, with the credit crunch and a potentially shrinking budget, is studying economics such a bad thing?


2) "he moved to the Royal Bank of Scotland I moved to Mozambique"

RBS has more political, social, economic and cultural relevance to Scotland, the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament than Mozambique. So his experience there will be more useful to 'we, the people' than your mission to Africa.

3) In 2001 Salmond abandoned the Scottish Parliament?

Whereas the Scottish PEOPLE abandoned you Iain in 2003, when they chose not to elect you.
You then

4) became an advisor to Alastair Darling at the Scottish Office, something you criticise Salmond for doing earlier in his career.

5) "We don't need a first minister whose pride is putting people down" - but Iain, all you've done in this article is (try to) put Salmond down, so I'm guessing you'll be ruling yourself out?

Some ridiculous bits in there, nothing on the future, nothing on policies or direction, just nothing.

I love to remind Labour at this time of their lovely slogan

"Forward, not back"

but yet again all we get from Labour is reminscence to the good old days and fear-flame-throwing to the Tories past. Just look at how often Salmond and the SNP are mentioned alongside Thatcher... unfortuantely, despite Labour picking the right candidate, it turns out he is the wrong politician.


Anonymous said...

Lies, damn lies and statistics.

So we've got the lies and the damn lies, now we just have to wait for him to fail and get ousted (not long then) and he'll become a statistic making the full Labour set.

Anonymous said...

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