Thursday, 11 September 2008

Results of a C-diff public inquiry

Labour want a public inquiry into the C-Diff deaths at Vale of Leven Hospital?

Brave, considering the verdict will probably be something along the lines of...

"After years of under investment and slapdash policies, the changes recently undertaken by the SNP Government didn't stand a chance of fixing things in such a short space of time. Much like some of the victims, help came too late, and bad practises, both at the Vale of Leven Hospital and at the Scottish Parliament were far too imbedded and ignored, that these unfortunate events were almost inevitable."

Hospitals with not enough funds. Hospitals with not enough nursing staff, so having to stretch their minimal funds even further by using agency nurses. Hospitals with cleanliness issues, health & safety issues, low morale and poor inspection rates - this is the legacy of Labour.

Now, we all know they'll wriggle out of any condemnation they receive in an inquiry, whereas I would hope, and have come to expect the SNP to hold its hands up to anything their Government has done wrong and find a solution, as opposed to the Labour method of shouting as loud as they can to drown anything else out that "WE'VE NEVER DONE ANYTHIN' WRONG, YA BASS".

If Labour and the SNP are both found to be at fault over the past few years, what the chances that they throw muck across the chamber at each other, rather than trying together to find a solution, what the hope that any MSP says, "blame shlame, what's our way forward"? I am hoping the SNP are strong enough to ignore sour Labour chants, and I'd also hope that Labour have seen that trying to shit on the SNP just isn't working as a winning strategy.

So stop looking for inquiries into this and that hoping that just one will say "It's all because of the SNP/Labour" as it's never going to happen and give you the slur you dream of.

SNP - You're the Government, fix it.
Labour - You want to be the Government, prove it.

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