Thursday, 25 September 2008

One's purse is empty - Our Scabby Queen

House Share - rent negotiable

Furnished 1st flr dbl room to let in sought after area.
Secure entry.
Sharing with mature woman (landlady), one's family and 'some' dogs.
Large house, so we usually have a few parties and 'do's' throughout the year.
Non-smoker preferred.
No DSS."

Yes, apparently the Queen has secretly gone cap in hand to the Government saying that they need a bit more cash in order to meet the costs of official engagements and the upkeep of Royal Households.
"Without a state bail-out, the Queen will be unable to balance her books within the next three years"
Somehow I can't imagine Her Royal Highness really does do her own accounts, having watched a "tax doesn't have to be taxing" advert, giving it a shot herself, but it's quite an image.
So, what to do? The Government, in between owning Northern Rock and trying to desperately buy votes with CashBack Tax policies, is not in a position to just bail out the Queen. Northern Rock was in a Labour heartland, the Queen is not.
Well, to me, the most crucial factor in this predicament is...
"If the monarchy keeps spending at the current rate". Well, like all of us, will they not just have to cut back a bit? What with Harry and Wills bringing in a military wage each, could they not just live off that for a bit? If the country at large is feeling the pinch and we're being told, 'times are tough' and 'you're going to have to be more frugal', should that not apply to the big cheese of the people, she who sits at the top of the pile?
So, the Government should do what it can, but if it can't totally match the shortfall, there are only two options...
one, the Royal family cuts back a bit
two, convert the house into flats (you can keep the master suite/penthouse, yer Maj).

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Jeff said...

Surely you;ve missed a trick with the title here:

"Gord save our Queen"

I'll get my coat....