Monday, 22 September 2008

The scandal unfolds... media/government pt2

As I posted the other day, the media's coverage of the HBOS/Lloyds story is scandalous.

It was also widely commented on how

a) the BBC seemed to have their noses well in front of everyone else with the merger news, but also...

b) the coverage was so glowing, so perfect, so scripted for Gordon Brown to look good.

Well then. Seems like the Government and the BBC have been in cahoots for some time.
Richard Branson is claiming that key decisions on Northern Rock would not be taken by the Government without consulting BBC Business Editor, Robert Peston, with the leading quote being
John Kingman (Treasury, Civil Servant) - "the Government would have to take account of the view of Robert Peston".

Remember, this is the same man who was 'first to report' that Lloyds would be taking over HBOS. That, to this suspicious man, is more than coincidence, and more than having a good source.

Now, I've checked, and there don't appear to be any other Robert Pestons who would be relevant to this subject, so I'm crying FOUL, SCANDAL!

The Beeb are well and truly in Labour's pocket.

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BSH said...

Yes and we are told daily that the Ministry of Information is not plotting pro-Labour at all, strangley from MoI and Labour hacks....

Who to believe? Myself or them?