Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Carlsberg don't do Labour Shadow Cabinets, but if they did...

They'd probably be a whole lot better than Iain Gray's Shadow Cabinet.

I mean come off it. Same old faces, same old policies, same old ideas - so I say to the Scottish Labour Party, with their shiny new cabinet, to quote Kezia Dugdale, "you're boring me now".

Everyone knows Labour need a change.

Yes a change of leader. Check.
A change of faces among the Shadow Cabinet? Er, not quite.

If Kerr and Jamieson had any respect and ambition for the party, they would have said,

"Look, guys, you're going to offer me a position, mostly so we 'look united', but what this party needs is a fresh touch, a new direction and new blood breathing life into our campaigns, our policies and the party. It's time that we gave some of the younger ones, who aren't already tied into negative stories with the press and public and give the party a new beginning. We'll be as supportive as you want, but frontline stuff should be moved on to the next generation".

But instead, they're back in senior positions, which means the main meat of the party grows staler and staler under the same bad butchers' watch. These are obviously not the people to be at the front end of Labour policy. Margaret Curran? I won't do a paragraph on that, again, I'll just say 'What a ****ing st*pid decision by Gray appointing such a ****, ***********, ********* **tch ****** ** ** ******* ***** and a big fat loser'.

So Kezia, understandably is trying to big up this new team.

So far, all she can resort to is sexist and ageist comparisons between the SNP team and TeamNonsense over in the Labour camp.

But shocker of the day is card-carrying SNP Tactical Voting pretty much applauding Gray for not being petty.

Fine, he may not be petty but is anyone, except Kerr, Jamieson and Curran going to be impressed, even happy about this? He needs a slap, not a commendation for being a bit nice. Christ, it's almost Liberal Democrat territory how chummy he's being. No doubt he's just sure that his first f*ck up, and the unholy trinity will be banging on the leadership-election-drum, looking for their big shot, so this aoughta keep'em schtum for a month or two.

When he was elected, I was glad and thought that Scotland would now have a new, fresh and capable opposition, but nope, in the true cronyism spirit of Labour, those that have failed time and time again, get yet another chance, again. Fresh blood, real debate and a challenging opposition is what Scotland needs. What we get is nothing but the same old rump.


You want to know why there are more Nat blogs than Labour? Cos it trickles down from the top, where the SNP, Tories, even the LibDems, have their houses in order, make changes where necessary and have a pool of talent they can and DO use. They feel confident in the party, especially the senior figures of the party.

Labour, keep the same senior numptys (from Andy Kerr all the way to GB himself), and look what happens, blog numbers decrease, membership sinks, polling data gets smaller and smaller and the party is set to lose control of it's second Parliament in succession because voters are abandoning them. It's not difficult to work out why all these things are turning sour. And it all stems from the top.

But Labour just don't get it.


Kezia Dugdale said...

Hang on a wee minute PD. I drew no inferences when I talked about the gender split or the age thing...

The SNP's front bench has a good gender balance as well. And as for age, their are merits to both youthful inexperience and a bit of the old guard.

I was merely stating some facts about the make-up. Goodness me, everyone has such a cynical outlook on Labour issues - wonder why that is? ;)

Political Dissuasion said...


If you didn't list those age and sex statistics for 'tit-for-tat' reasons, then I apologise. These days (you are the Party of Harriett Harman remember), I just presume when anyone from Labour lists the sexual make-up of any group, there's going to be a positive discrimination celebration.

But, hands up, for jumping to conclusions, I am wrong (on that point). On Iain Gray and his cabinet though, I'm digging my high-heels in.

Anonymous said...

"Hands up, baby hands up, give me your life, gimme gimme your life baby....."

Haha, good luck getting that out of your head suckers...!!