Monday, 15 September 2008

The bitch is back

Oh Iain Gray. Oh me, oh my, the Labour Party.

Margaret Curran is to take a leading role in driving forward new policies for the Scottish Labour party.

Talk about one step forward, two steps back!

You need to rid the Labour frontbench of all those tired, unsuccessful, unwanted Labour politicians and bring in new blood.

Labour isn't working. So change it. If you are just a new front face on the same 'system', then that will not work with voters. I could go into this in detail, yet again, but you need a fresh new Labour Party in Scotland, not the same mediocre politicians, including one who just lost you 13,000 votes in your heartland.

I can't imagine many in the Labour Party are cock-a-hoop at the sight of Margaret Curran, face of Labour embarrassment, taking a leading role. She is a political turn-off, annoying, and over-exposed. People are sick of the sight (and sound) of her, people are sick at the sight of this Labour Party.

As the Asda reduced to clear section says... WHOOPS!

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