Friday, 12 September 2008

Labour - a nervous energy

We all knew that it was going to turn out this way.

Gordon Brown's measures to tackle high energy prices...cost the taxpayer.

The cry of "do something, do something" from the media and some of the public was dutifully answered by our panicked Prime Minister and will be duly hammered as another failed attempt at looking lke Labour is helping the people.

The Government, the PM, the Chancellor, the Labour Party, the Bank of England, Richard Branson, Vince Cable - there is nothing meaningful and effective anyone can do to prevent these higher prices. Inflation, energy prices, the cost of food...these are free-market problems and the free-market will either give us a thumbs up or thumbs down Caesar-style, as to how, or if, we get through this.

What Gordon Brown should be doing is telling the people, in no uncertain terms, that sometimes life is tough, and unfortunately for his Prime Ministerial chronology, but more so for the people of the 'here and now', we just have to tough it out. "We will do what we can, where we can, to help make life easier for those who are struggling but the bottom line is the Government nor the Parliament, can just dictate interest rates, enrgy prices or the price of goods".

Instead, what Gordon Brown is doing, is running around trying put out 100 isolated fires all at the same time, but doesn't realise that when Gordon Brown is the firefighter, it isn't water in his hose, it's just more fuel.

These fires are isolated and will, at some point that we cannot predict or control, put them selves out. We just have to leave them to burn, and as they are isoalted, there's no danger in this as they cannot catch on to anything else. They are their own, problematic entities.

But as GB runs from one political scorching to another, often stopping for just a second to say, very unconvincingly, "I have everything under control, nothing to see here", we stand there, knowing there's nothing he can do, almost feeling sorry for him.

Stamp duty freezes will not make the BIG DIFFERENCE that people want right now, and by saying "we have a plan", you build up expectations that everything will be sorted asap. But we know that's not how the free-market works. You cannot control foreign economies which have a massive impact on our own, so stop kidding yourself on.

Energy bills is another example.

Price of food is yet another.

Why do you think that no other party, not even leading independent businessmen, economists and industry professionals, have come up with a solution? Because there isn't a man-made way of fixing this. And all this running around, trying to look Prime Ministerial is like something from Faulty Towers where everyone but the character knows his panic is in vain.

And the worst part for Gordon Brown is that the Tories are doing nothing productive on the issue. They, day-in, day-out, ask what is the PM doing on this and that, and as a result GB jumps, saying "Look, I'm doing something". You've fallen into their very simple trap.

Any activity on your part cannot be successful to the extent that it will eradicate the problem, which in turn can be deemed a failure on your part.

And all the Tries need to do, day-in, day-out, is nothing except ask, "What is the Prime Minister doing on...", knowing that you will do it, and get your fingers burnt.

This is how the Tories will win the next election, by doing practically nothing.
Because they know, that nothing can, and nothing should, be done, by our PM.

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