Thursday, 11 September 2008

An SNP training camp?

I may be a bit late and missed the debate a few months back, but anyway, my tuppence worth...

No this has nothing to do with our favourite gun-slinging SNP councillor, this is the stooshie about repainting the fleet of Scotland's trains. For those who have just yawned at the thought of trains, I apologise.

After Transport Scotland announced that the First Scotrail fleet was to be repainted based around the saltire flag, Labour decided they had to have a bit of a huff about it.
Labour questioned whether the SNP was using the Saltire for nationalistic aims rather than the "simple patriotic pride in Scotland, which we all share".
George Foulkes described it as "independence by creep"
That silly old duffer then went on to claim "they try to brainwash people into independence instead (of debating the issues) with a strategy of incremental changes".
Hang on George, we're talking about painting trains in the colours of Scotland's flag.
Do you then think that flying the Saltire, anywhere, by anyone, in Scotland, classes that perosn, politician or not, SNP or not, as trying to "brainwash" all who pass by? What a ridiculous thought Lord Foulkes.
As you could probably have guessed with this sort of situation, Labour didn't do their homework.
Yes, this idea, this brainwashing, independence fuelled, nat-graffitti-paint-job was actually initiated not by the SNP, but by Transport Scotland, and was in the plans well before the SNP got their hands on power - so Labour then?
George, you've got a very able backroom team throughout the party, surely one of them, at your request could have realised this within minutes of a google search. But no, the concept of 'think before you speak' proves further alien to our esteemed Labour embarrassment.
Only the Tories (for potentially colour-based reasons) have come out with any sensible comments on the issue...
The wisdom of David McLetchie shining through...
(from the Telegraph)
(The Conservatives) welcomed the new colour scheme and said the Saltire was a symbol of Scotland and not the flag of nationalism.

David McLetchie, the chief whip and former party leader, added: "If we are to deny its use by anyone other than the separatists, then we deny the right of all Scots to fly their own flag.

"The Union Flag belongs to Britain, the Saltire to Scotland. The vast majority of us are proud to fly both, as proud patriots, not narrow nationalists."
Also, Labour hadn't taken the time to read the proposals as to WHY the change was suggested, it was for continuity in the event of another franchise takeover, to avoid confusion in the future, to assist THE COMMUTERS, people not mentioned by the Labour Party in their clamour.
Well done Transport Scotland.
Well done First Group (for agreeing to shrink you're own logo for the cause)
Well done the Scottish Conservative Party, for having sense, maturity and a real understanding of what politics should be about.

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Jeff said...

Ah, you know what they say, there's nothing like.....

I guess you've summed it all up very well there PD. I am sure George was well aware he was in the wrong but ploughed ahead anyway.

I don't understand why he's so keen to get his name in the paper when he's not standing in 2011.

You would think with the shackles of reelection off his back he'd be free to make some serious points.

Let Foulkes be Foulkes if you will?

.... timing.