Monday, 16 March 2009

The poison of the SNP - Part II

"I agree with the Lib Dems". I said this earlier today.

That felt terrible, saying that. I want to wash in itchy acid to take away the liberal pain I'm feeling, but unforunately, it's true, I agree with the Liberal Democrats.

We need to forget about Scottish independence, at least for now.

I am, essentially, in favour of independence. I think that there are many reasons that it is for the better, and despite some very obvious drawbacks and unsolved problems, as long as we did it in a mature way (so, not just doing it so our gracious First Minister can democratically give England the finger), then it would be a good move forward.

However, right now, it matters not. In 'normal' times, it could work as we would have a decent enough idea of how the economy would react, behave and be affected. However, in the midst of serious uncertainty, it would be lunacy. Do it when you know you can plan things, build on things and set out realistic markers for progress. But if the SNP are going to throw serious weight behind a) campaigning for a referendum and b) in the event of there being one, a full-on campaign for a Yes to Independence, then they will be revealing themselves to be the party that many people feared they were...more focussed on telling Westminster to go fuck themselves than looking after the interests 5,000,000+ who live in the best small country in Northern Britain.
I want independence - in the right conditions - but not at any cost. And I don't hate the English as many Scots (of all political persuasions) do.

I am currently unemployed, and living in London. I own a flat in Edinburgh which I rent out. I have no significant savings to speak of and currently no knowledge of when I will next be employed, especially not at any decent salary level.

Yet, for some reason, in spite of the things above, I spend 50 per cent of my free time (which, being unemployed, is a lot of free time), thinking of buying a house down in London and where I would like to buy and what furniture I would need and what furniture I would like from BoConcept, Habitat and how big a Buddabag to get.

If I spent this 50% of my time, instead of thinking about houses but instead looking for work, technically I would be twice as likely to get a job. Then I could, in turn, think about buying a house and in turn looking at furniture from BoConcept, Habitat and Buddabags.
But while I spend this time thinking about house-hunting, my thought-process is crazy!

But if the SNP are spending any significant time planning for independence/a pro-independence referendum campaign, then they are just as foolish as me. We cannot consider the next step until we sort out where we're at just now.

The thing is, I realise what I'm thinking, realise it's the wrong way around and am admitting my thought process needs changing. Worryingly, I fear the SNP do not have this ability. They are too stubborn, too proud to do the right thing. Admittedly most politicians and political parties are, but right now, the SNP are carrying the can of responsibility that they asked for, and they will be neglecting their obligations if they waste time, and money (like I've been doing), on the wrong 'priority'.

I once described the SNP as having an "Independence or bust philosophy" and CyberNats were, as ever, quick to rally in their online campaign of quelling the dissent. Now, in the midst of global financial meltdown, it could literally, politically and worryingly, be "Independence or bust".

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