Saturday, 14 March 2009

Global Warning

The worldwide recession has really, really fucked things up.

Not just because I'm unemployed and struggling to find any work, but because people are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings and their confidence in the powers-that-be across the globe.

This is a problem that was not a surprise to everyone. Paul Moore, the HBOS whistleblower knew it. He tried to tell people about it. Nothing was done. The FSA either knew and did fuck all, or they did fuck all in the first place which led to them not knowing.

The Government can claim they had no idea how dangerously banks were leveraged against 'toxic debts', though we don't believe them. Brown can claim innocence by saying that this is a worldwide problem started in America and nothing to do with his casually flirtive relationship with the City and debt.

The result is quite a big fucking deal. Whether world leaders knew beforehand, is now a moot point. The important thing just now is how we tackle it. Chasing Fred Goodwin's pension is not going to make any difference to the financial status of the country. Ending tax havens isn't going to re-instill confidence and fluidity and liquididty to the nation.

The Government is not trying to fix the problem, they are trying to win the political war of the recession.

The problem got so out of hand it is proving almost impossible to take action to counter, avoid or alter it's effects. The problem is now so bad, that we are all, to one extent or another, financially affected/troubled/fucked.

This is bad enough. But imagine the worldwide problem being faced is much, much worse than the global recession. Imagine this much bigger problem was highlighted to the Government over and over and over again for years, and they still didn't take the appropriate steps to avert it or prepare the nation for its' effects. Imagine they continued to try to win the political war instead of tackling the problem.

This is what's happening with global warming. It is. No one is taking the necessary big steps, making the necessary big reforms to have the necessary big benefits the world needs. This problem we know is happening, we know is bigger than the recession and we are being told, over and over and over again that it need addressed now.

But, like telling the banks that their business models are tending towards zero and financially fisting the nation, Governments across the land are not facing up to the problem, facing up to the businesses (replace RBS for Shell and Lehmann Brothers for Exxon Mobil) and facing up to the consequences of not doing enough before it's too late.

Imagine the problems we are currently facing (and really struggling to deal with) in finance are to be relatively transferred to the flooding, displacement and famine associated with global warming. Imagine the day when people not being able to buy a house because of banks unwilling to lend are replaced by those dying because of lack of clean water, flooding and disease.

In this situation, whoever is in charge will probably go suing the big oil firms (if they're still around), hauling them before committees, trying to create the new villain, like Fred Goodwin.

The G20 will not do anything worthwhile this year. No one will. Politics and politicians, by not acting now, are killing people in 50 years. This isn't a political war they need to fight right now, and they won't be around in 50 years so won't tackle it now because winning now is what matters these days, fuck the future.

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