Thursday, 26 March 2009

Decree by Tom Harris - Thou must not criticise Gordon

Tom Harris usually has something decent to say...however...

His latest post criticises a Tory MEP for criticising the Labour Prime Minister. No, seriously, Tom is appalled that this has happened, because "Criticising your country’s leader in a foreign country has been frowned upon for years". Are you serious Mr Harris?

Because it's frowned upon? Come on! I could list many, many things Gordon Brown's done that I've frowned upon, but let's stick with the hot topic of rinsing our coffers.

First off, Gordon Brown is making a speech, in Europe, talking about, among other things, the British economy. Daniel Hannan is one of Britian's representatives in Europe. He works...wait for it as this may be a surprise to a foreign country. It is his job to make comment and don't think it's the worst idea, when you have a point to raise, to take the rare opportunity when the target audience of your point is in town, to say it to his face. He wasn't grandstanding, he made a point, shared his views (without mentioning any political parties) and sat down.

I for one am delighted that someone is saying to Gordon what needs to be heard. I am more concerned with how the financial mess is going, and that we are going to get out of it and people are going to stand up when things aren't going too well, than politicians conducting themselves in a manner that 'just isn't cricket'.

This isn't medieval times. When the castle is under attack, the last thing we want to hear is hundreds of calls of "Protect The King!". Believe us Tom, and believe the reaction, the King is the least of our concerns.


Stuart Winton said...

I agree, but on the other hand the reaction to Hannan's speech was way OTT, as I've blogged about.

Hannan's speech was effective, but hardly groundbreaking, thus I suspect Tom Harris was just overreacting to an overreaction!!

Political Dissuasion said...


It is indeed a big camp overreaction from the blogosphere. But, it certainly says a lot about poeple's views (and politicians' inability to articulate it thus far) that 3 minutes from an 'unknown' MEP can cause this consternation.

Tom Harris however, has gone from overreacting to losing it. He starts claiming that it's bad form to criticise the PM, then claims with no foundation that the woorld is just out to get Labour and Labour bashing is the only game in town. His blind denials, like his 'update' are really embarrassing.

Stuart Winton said...

Yes, I don't think Tom's reaction has been his best moment.