Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mr and Mrs Smith = nothing

Jacqui Smith is rumoured to be a dead-cert for being 'redistributed' during a reshuffle, obviously having to pay the maximum price for the porngate incident.

I'm not a huge fan of the Home Secretary, but this seems like the MSM going way, way over the top and holding a staggering grip of power over public opinion and British politics. The Fred Goodwin issue was bad enough.

But Jacqui Smith, or someone on her staff, made a genuine administrative error...to the tune of £21, that's all! That's nothing! And when it's a mistake (would a politician really try to get porn through on expenses and risk it getting into the press? Er, nope) and nothing dodgy, then thew world is not right.

It's the political equivalent of me accidentally typing the wrong button when entering my PIN number - someone/something points out the mistake, I automatically rectify it.

If this woman loses her ministerial post over this, rather than job performance, then this country and it's media has gone loopy, and Gordon Brown is obviously so scared of any 'bad stuff' that he has already lost the election.

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Jeff said...

Totally agree on this issue getting out of hand. The papers are acting like excited school kids. But i think the second home expenses issue is the biggie, i'd happily see her back in the backbenches for that one.