Thursday, 26 March 2009

Gordon just can't get rid of the guilt

So, investors don't want to risk their money on the shoogly peg that is our economy?

Surely Gordon realises, as someone who cherished praise, and boasted about it, from the private sector as Chancellor, that if you are willing to take their praise, then you must accept their judgement when they think you've fucked up?

The markets have spoken and Gordon a) got it wrong, b) is still getting it wrong and c) will continue to get it wrong in the future, because few investors believe in any of your actions.

You fucked up Gordo, you cannot sell the gilts, and you cannot lay the guilt on America.

The world is suffering because the world over got debt heavy.

But Britain is suffering because you led us, like a dirty prostitute, down a dirty back alley and infected us. Overpaying your abused whore in cash afterwards, out of guilt, does not treat the bigger, sticky problem that is near-on impossible to treat.

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