Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hands off the money!

Mervyn King has said we do not need, as we cannot afford, another stimulus package from Gordon Brown.

"We will become the Do Nothing party" are not words I expect to hear him say. In fact, I expect Gordon Brown to become the new Claudio Ranieri, aka 'The Tinkerman' and not be able to leave it alone.

It is no secret that Alaistair Darling is trying to convince Gordon that he cannot put out 1,000 bushfires with 100 bank notes.

Some fires have to burn, and will not do much damage. Some will need a targetted approach, and only in the right conditions.

But having got "The Tories are the Do Nothing Party" tattooed on his soul last month, do we imagine that Gordon wiill, at any time be seen to 'do nothing'. Well, recently, all Labour have done is nothing. Announcements of plans and schemes yet to be do not count as action, but the worry now is that Gordon tries to prove everyone wrong by a) doing something, b) doing it with a shed load of borrowed cash, c) doing it badly or the wrong thing and c) do it not for the greater good, but to continue their (admittedly, potentially very successful) 'do nothing' accusation.

The politics being played with our economy are dangerous. So leave well alone for now Gordon, listen to what people are telling you and stop panicking. Stop, take a breath and then aproach the problem because right now you look and sound like a water pistol trying to shout down 5th November.

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