Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ok, so where was I...?

With a fart of fanfare, Political Dissuasion has returned.

Having been bitch-whipped and man-slapped by the credit-crunch-inspired redundancy, unemployment and meagrely paid temp work, I have returned more cynical than before, looking to share my disillusion with our 'broke society' with you all.

I plan to avoid talking about the credit-crunch, recession, stimulus, debt:GDP ratios, unemployment, bankers' bonuses and Gordon Brown's pathetic attempts to reassure the country (rather than fixing it) as much as possible, but let's face it, it's going to come up.

It's like Man U playing Bolton, endeavouring to play attractive attacking football, but when you're faced with such spoiling dour shit that won't let you 'do your thang', you sometimes just have to play the game to win. (NB - I don't consider myself the Man U of blogging, it's just a similie)

So for now I'll let you dhry your whet appetite for politically dissuasive commentary and allow you to prepare for some truly random posts as I play catch up from my 5 months in absentia.

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