Saturday, 30 May 2009

Why Scottish Labour are unelectable (part 1 of many)

It is this sort of nonsense that makes Labour unelectable these days.

First Minister knew about another escaped prisoner from Castle Huntly. First Minister didn't include this new addition to the figures he used at FMQs. Therefore, Labour decree

Alex Salmond "deliberately mislead the Scottish Parliament".

If by not making public the most recent case, as per police advice, Salmond was indeed misleading Parliament. However, if he ignored police advice and decided to announce this at FMQs he would, in the police's opinion, have made it harder for the escapee to be captured.


When it comes to law and order, whether you're SNP, Labour or UKIP, you listen to the police advice. When it comes to community safety regarding an escaped prisoner, you listen to police advice.

Labour, however, would rather have a chance to attack Salmond than see what sensible Governance is all about.

It's all about Politics and Governance. Labour would rather play politics while Salmond is doing what any sensible party in Government would do...the right thing.

Totally unelectable.


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely.

Breathtaking hypocrisy from labour, their case against both MacKaskill and Salmond is evaporating by the hour.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between not saying something and lying. Salmond would have been perfectly justified, if indeed the facts are as you present them, in refusing to give information on the advice of the police.

But he didn't. He knowingly gave false information.