Sunday, 3 May 2009

The second recession - same old New Labour

The reason we are in this financial mess, is that when things were GOOD, we didn't plan for the days when things would be LESS GOOD. When we all (everyone, not just Government) had loads of money and loads of options for our money, all we did was spend it. Then, we all went out and borrowed more, and spent that. Then, orange girls called 'Raquelle' and 'Donna', who wanted to be like 'Cheryl' would go out and borrow even more, and spend that.

David Cameron, amongst others, has tried to make Brown learn from this lesson - the old adage of fixing the roof while the sun doth shine...

Well, right now the country is in debt.
We KNOW that in 2 years time, the country will be in debt to the tune of hundreds of £billions more, with no guarantee that we will be in any better position than now to pay it off.

Now, neither of these situations could be described as good but surely we have learned that, with hindsight, we should have been doing something, earlier, to tackle the tougher times? No? But instead of tackling 'this second branch of debt culture' now, we are going to wait.

In two years time, our debt levels will be LESS GOOD than they are now. The sun will not be shining. Are we tackling this? Are we beginning to pay it off? No, we are going to spend, spend spend. Same old mistakes. Same old Labour.

Right, time for Andy Marr...

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