Friday, 22 May 2009

"State f***ing funding?"

I've been saying it for years. One way or another, we are going to end up paying for political parties. Under the guise of 'cleaning up the system', the next devious manoevre from our politicians is to introduce STATE FUNDING OF POLITICAL PARTIES.

The problem for me, writing in the blogosphere, is that pretty much everyone here is a member of a political party and therefore can see benefits to themselves or their party in this proposal. Party hacks across the board will sing in favour of this because it guarantees a party's future and survival. All the main parties are in debt, and fewer people these days will want to, or be seen to, give money to political parties due to their tarnished reputation. And if it goes ahead it is the most corrupt move in modern politics, and those who agree with state funding for parties are purely selfish party hacks who have no concern for the greater good on this and only want to protect their own/their party's interests.

Taxpayers' money to pay for politics? No.
Taxes are to pay for services, and politics is not a service.
Government? Yes.
MPs? Yes.
Reasonable expenses? Yes.

What would we be paying for from these parties? What benefit would the country get? If the BNP get a seat in Westminster, how would you feel knowing your taxes were going towards their work? If you have been affected by the IRA, how would you feel knowing that your taxes are going towards Sinn Fein?

As I've said, time and time again, there is no valid reason to justify state funding of political parties. But those with the power, those who make the decisions, have a very vested interest.

Please feel free to tell me why you think this is a valid proposal. Please feel free to tell me how this helps democracy more than hinders it. Because I'm not buying it...though I'll end up paying for it.

F***ing thieves.

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