Friday, 25 July 2008

Upon reflection...

Now that Margaret (JK Rowling's mum) Curran has lost, surely she must be under pressure to quit as an MSP? She has shown that given the choice, she wanted the Westminster job over the Scottish Parliament job. Surely, no matter what party, if any, you are from, in an ideal world you would agree that we only want people "working for the people" (quote - Curran) who will make that task their main priority.

Mags now must consider her position. The Leader of the Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament would be expected to 'have a chat' with her, but alas, not possible at the moment.

Which raises another point, presuming she doesn't step down, triggering another by-election for Labour to fail in, will she seriously think she has any chance of standing for the leadership? You know she'll be considering it!

If she stands for it, she has no credibility, or thought for her constituents. First, she says to her Scottish Parliamentary constituents, I don't want to focus on you guys, I've found something better (Westminster). Then she says to the same constituents that, I don't want to focus on you guys, I've found something better (Labour Leadership)? Come off it Mags, do the decent thing, resign.

Your career-credibility is in shreds, will get worse if you stand for leadership so quit and give us bloggers another, twice-the-fun by-election to focus on; we don't get much chum these days.
Glasgow East deserves more than a 5th choice loser doing their second or third choice job.
And don't go blaming Socialist Frances!

Bye Mags, off you pop.


Jeff said...

Are you suggesting John Mason would have had to step down as a councillor if he had lost? There were only 365 votes in it after all.

I agree she has no chance at the leadership now but she was only going to stand as Iain Gray's deputy anyway and that's still on, if Iain'll have her.

She can stay as an MSP without any fuss, despite your best efforts.. ;)

Anonymous said...

There's surely no way that this is a call which will take off?

I would imagine that the SNP this morning just want to bask in the triumph of their win, and the problems it will cause for Labour.

To try and remove Margaret Curran - although no doubt there will be many jibes - would smack of vindictiveness so I'd be surprised if they did so.

And, as Jeff points out, it would again raise the issue of John Mason and other notable politicians having two jobs.

I suspect there's now no way that Margaret Curran will stand as leader now, although that was probably the case the minute she agreed to stand as MP candidate