Thursday, 24 July 2008

Blogosphere Glasgow East Predictions

As the time ticks by, with many a blogger surely sitting at their computers, waiting to see if they're going to be smug, shocked, embarrassed, right or wrong, I thought I'd collect some interesting data for when the time comes...a mini competition you could say.

This is how just a few bloggers have predicted the majority will swing. Please feel free to add your own.

Political Dissuasion (Me) - Lab 2,433
SNP Tactical Voting - Lab 1,500 (or so)
Kezia Dugdale (if it's sunny, which it was) - Lab 3,000
Scottish Tory Boy - Lab 2,000-2,500
Random Thoughts From an Unarmed Accountant - Lab 10%
Bill Cameron - Lab 5,000-7,000
Birmingham University Conservative Future - SNP 500-700
Malc in the Burgh - SNP 500ish
My mate Beth really sticks her neck out - SCORE DRAW Lab/SNP

Disclaimer: there isn't a prize if you get it right,except for Beth, so don't phone, it's just for fun.

Not long to go now.


Jeff said...

Too late to change to an SNP win by 300?

Political Dissuasion said...

Afraid so,

But worryingly Beth's prediction of a draw is possibly favourite!

Who'd have thought it?