Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hard Labour

Labour have used many different excuses for losing by-elections, mayoral races and doing badly in local council elections recently.

Whether it's the economy's fault, the media's fault, Red Ken or astrological gravtational pulls going against them, it doesn't matter for Glasgow East.

Now they have a cracker, and I'm confident it will, at least once, be raised by the Labour Party in this by-election.

"Well, the reason we lost is that voters got confused between Margaret Curran and Frances Curran. Their names are too similar."

Let's face it, call me snotty, say I don't give them enough credit, but most people in Glasgow East wouldn't recognise either of these candidates if they passed them on the street. They won't know the difference between the two. The only ones that might've watched the news in Glasgow East are those who've been interviewed by the Beeb and ran home, screaming down the mobile "Rab, switch the fuckin' nooz on, um gonna be on the telly". Not being funny, but voter apathy is some awesome force.

They won't know who's who, anything about what each candidate stands for, or whether to put a cross in the box, or just a big 'x'.

And then Labour can use the 'one surname, two candidates' defence. I can actually hear them saying "This is something we'll have to review for future elections", "It is the voters who I feel have been let down most".


Jeff said...

There's one flaw in your logic there I'm afraid. People vote for Labour, not for the individual.

If the ticket said Osama Bin Laden (Labour), the candidate would be in with a very, very good chance.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to say that the Times has a whole page on this issue so your flaw's 'oot the windae', though maybe PD had an 'inside scoop' that he's not revealing?

Political Dissuasion said...

You doubt me Jeff?


And to Mr Anonymous, I've go to say, if you think I'm getting hot tips from the TIMES (?!), then you have no idea who or what I am.

I am so badly connected that I'm amazed my arms and legs haven't fallen off, so guess you're just going to have to put it down to Political Dissuasion's wonderous insight and vision, you cheeky ****!

Mark McDonald said...

Ahem. I blogged on this ages ago, so I think if anybody got the scoop...

Given the amount of publicity it is getting maybe it won't be a factor, but I am wondering how many voters in Glasgow East take The Times or read blogs.

I hope that isn't snobby, I don't take The Times either!