Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tory sleaze

David Cameron has a bit of a fight on his hands convincing his party that his new, whiter-than-white, sleaze-free party policy of revealing expenses, is actually here to stay.

Cash for questions, Derek Conway, Neil Hamilton etc etc etc.

Now a leaked memo has cast a shadow over Cameron's vision, questioning whether he can get it through without being too bruised. The Tories are synonymous with sleaze. That, more than 'posh folks', is what they stand for. But this could be their one big chance to rid themselves of an unwanted tag - and Cameron must stay strong.

This is Cameron's equivalent of Tony Blair's Clause 4. It may not finish him off, but it will automatically put an immovable limit on his future influence and credibility. If chucking people out the Tories at the next election is what's needed, even if they are party big shots, then you have to do it...we believe in you.

If he can't get this through to his party, and accepted without splitting the party, then he might as well go home.

Go on Dave, do it. Everyone knows what a ridiculous junket most MEPs are on, doing very little good work (if any work at all) and they are so brazen in their exploits. The leaked memo from today contains the laughable argument that "The more we reveal, the more questions will be asked". And? That is DC's aim, to make politics cleaner, more open, more honest, more voter-friendly than now.

If he succeeds, this would push the ther parties to address the issue, then force Parliament as whole to follow suit, then, we could have an honest revolution of decency in the country.

Never been the biggest DC fan (because I'm a big DD fan), but cleaning up politics along with telling fatties to stop moaning about being fat means he's had a good few days by my reckoning.



Please can we get rid of such a shockingly bad phrase as "Deep clean" of expenses.

I'm not sure if the new Crap Holyrood Chat blog is exclusively for Scottish stuff, but if not can I add to the recycle bin...

"Deep clean" - trying a wee bit harder
"Not fit for purpose" - shite
"Gordon Brown's backyard" - Fife

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Jeff said...

Cash for questions, Derek Conway, Neil Hamilton etc etc etc.

Cash for hamiltons is the same as Neil Hamilton, by the way.

But I agree, I'd love to see David Cameron stand up to the ruddy-faced, pockets-full Tories and say "Come on then ya maddies!!"

Metaphorically speaking of course...