Wednesday, 30 July 2008

fight, fight, fight, fight

Funny guy, that Miliband.

He may not be making a pitch for the leadership, "he's just a very naughty boy".

In every class, in every school, there was that one kid, the really geeky one, who was too intelligent to picked on, but too intelligent to be your friend. Think of that kid in your school.

Now imagine him saying to the teacher...

"Oi, you! Come and have a go if one thinks one's hard enough!"

Miliband, out of nowhere, has found big man's bollocks, strapped them on and decided what he wants. I feel sorry for Brown, I really do, but when you are this much of the problem, regardless of what you say, do, or in this case, don't say, then it's time to do the decent thing and give us a better headline than

"Embattled Brown faces union/cabinet/banks/by-election showdown talks."

All of Brown's policy ideas are focused on his survival. Cameron v Miliband would create new ideas, for the benefit of the country, and Labour know it, the Tories know it, the public know it, christ even the Lib Dems know it, and they know nothing. Labour, old or New, know Brown isn't the one for them, isn't going to win, and is going to cost a lot of them their jobs, so it's only a matter of time.

The future's bright, the future's Orange, Brown David.

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