Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Our new national anthem

Not long ago, there was a big hoo-ha about us deciding on a new national anthem. Apparently the singing about fighting the English was deemed too anti-British and negative for 'the best small country in the world'. This debate, unsurprisingly broke out in the lead up to Labour's failed title defence against those lovers of 'Anglo-bashing' Nationalists.

This debate seems to have fizzled out recently though, which is a shame, as this is when you catch politicians, when asked anything about music, try to sound hip, hop and most of all happenin'.

But we should have a debate about it, and then, more important than a debate, action.

Let's finally decide on our national anthem. Whether you want to keep O Flower of Scotland, write words to Highland Cathedral or just happy to have anything by Runrig, let's hear some suggestions. Better still, write to your MSP. Let's have a new anthem by the time we play our first match in South Africa 2010.

I personally like the image of Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond duetting 'I'm a Scotsman' to the tune of 'The Scatman'. I fear this dream will never be truly realised, not in public anyway.

So anyone who has a better suggestion than Frankie Miller's Caledonia please feel free to hit me with it, but I personally, cannot think of anything and am strongly advocating it. On this topic, please remember to put it to the Hampden/Murrayfield test (depending on which type of school you went to) where it's got to sound good sung by 50,000 pissed up fans.

I would also like to state, right now, that I have the power of veto over the following...
500 miles - proclaimers
Rod Stewart - anything by
David Sneddon - anything by
Scotland the Brave
Go lassie go - think of the Hampden test
anything else by the proclaimers
Folk music.

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