Monday, 7 January 2008

greedy b****r*s

So MPs want to increase their wages above the rate of inflation?

I'm not sure on what basis they can justify this 'money smells so sweet, more posh shoes for my feet' pay rise, but I would happily accept their increase on one, commonly used condition.

I would love to see Gordon Brown, stood at his (soon to be) dispatch(ed) box, announcing.

"Members of the House will only receive an inflation busting pay rise as long as
any increase is linked to reform and modernisation of working practises"

Every fireman, postman and other public service worker who has been fed this bullshoot, face-saving Government tool in order to receive the wages they deserve, through something called "hard work", I think would appreciate that MPs are required to face up to a changing economy just as much as everyone else.

Seriously though, I can't think of any other profession where you can effectively set your own wages. Why not let this decision be taken by the Auditor General? He's bound to have a some semblance of knowledge as to how much they should get in relation to the economy/govt expenditure/work rate.

But to hear Brown announce "reform and modernisation..." of MPs would set us up for an interesting few months of political hilarity and a few even more interesting suggestions in some people's blogs.

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