Sunday, 21 June 2009

The state of UK politics - goodbye

Dear Parliament,

I've given up. I have finally lost all hope for a politics I believe in. This country we live in now, is a shadow of what it believes itself to be.

Every country is shaped in it's identity by those people that make the laws and control the money.

And the people in the UK with that power, with a very few exceptions, are a corrupt, morally empty, unashamed collaboration of moral terrorists. We could, and probably will, wail on about the MPs' expenses scandal. But there is no point. Fairness, decency, honesty, integrity - these are characteristics of our MPs that have now been stretched beyond repair and although it is not broken, it's shape will never be the same.

How any MP, party leader or party member could disagree that people like Jim Devine should be sacked is beyond me and most reasonable people. That he is not even expelled from the party does not even merit a response as it should not be the case. The fact that these people get to continue in their jobs, on what I regard as a significant salary receiving an equally significant pension, simply cannot be justified...but justify it Parliament does. This is one example which could easily fit into the bracket of almost every other party.

Safety in numbers, fraud en masse. If only one MP was found to have been "on the fiddle", every other MP, every party, would be clamouring to find a way for him to be removed form his post. There is no doubt he/she would not have lasted more than a month. So when the charges are there, for all to see, against half of parliament, it makes no sense to anyone that resignations are not as regular as daylight.

The back-scratching of politics has long upset many people, but even the "mother of all scandals in the mother of all democracies" is not enough to change the system, the culture of being above everyone and everything else. Not just on expenses.

Political parties are falsifying this country. MPs will vote against what they believe in, simply to please the party. How can an MP have any sense of integrity when he/she is elected (as an MP, NOT as a member of a political party) to vote on various issues, and he/she is knowingly voting for policies and initiatives that he/she thinks are detrimental to the nation? They are voting for things that they think are wrong but claim they act in their constituents' best interests. That nobody else in the blogospehere or political world seem to see the irony, juxtaposition or hypocrisy of any of this is startling.
The fact that nobody cares is what upsets me the most.

When your elected representatives are voting in favour of something they think is a bad idea, in complete opposition to what they do believe, there is no way this can be justified.

The people of this country do not hold the power, the parties do.

And to keep their members happy, dodgy rules and laws and promises are made to sweeten the members and MPs.

Next the parties will be, without recompense, strolling down the road to state funding for political parties - state-sponsored moral terrorism ripping a vaccuum through this country's future for many years to come.

Our Parliament and it's members have been exposed for what they are. Political parties have proven to us that they are not about decency, honesty or 'for the people'...they reward internal loyalty more than honourable characteritics.

But when you do what you think is wrong because the bigger boys told you to, then you are part of a system not fit to look in the mirror.

Some wonder why people don't vote. I don't. I know that no matter how I vote, it won't make a difference. I know that the corruption will continue, the self-interest will always maintain a murky presence and decisions will not always be made for the right reasons. I know that when criminals are deciding their own fate, and morally devoid groups are those making the rules there is no point in having hope.

I know that this country is not what it believes itself to be and, even during a time as blatantly scandal-ridden as this, change will never be significant enough to better this country.



Evan Hobson said...

You are mistaken when you say your vote does not matter. It could take that single vote to change the state of politics in your country. Imagine: if all those who did not participate in elections participated and decided to vote for a more promising candidate, then change is possible. Do not give such disregard for something that may seem small but is very significant to building your future.

Political Dissuasion said...

Evan, I don't know, so is probably very rude to sat this but...

Shut up. That view is the idealists view, and seeing as I live in the real world, I am more than within my right to aim for achievable goals (like finding permanent work) which will have an impact on 'building my future'. A clean, honest politics? Won't exist in my future and won't build much in it either.

So Evan, take your idealism back to Kansas. The fact that you suggest we have to "imagine" a scenario says it all.

Moral_Code said...

Don't give up hope. We, the people, shape politics - therefore we the people have the chance to exert our influence. All we need now is a general election in which to do it with.

Anonymous said...

Man, the fight has just begun. Stick around. We need you.

FlashCus said...

Ah but its not the point that our vote might change who gets elected. The point is, there's so much corruption going on between the main 3, and obviously fascism with the BNP, and the relative inexperience of the green party (in my opinion), that it really doesn't matter who you vote for, because it's never going to turn out the way you want it to.


(directed at Moral_Code and Evan)

Patricia said...

Thanks for your UK politics discussion. Great blog, keeping me from working... but it's very informational