Friday, 12 June 2009

Cuts, cuts, everywhere...

I know Gordo's had a damn good week, but can we all just stop the lies? Please?

We've just borrowed a hefty amount of money, spending it on some good things, some bad things. But in order to repay our debts, we will, at some stage, have to cut spending. We all know that it has to happen, that there are going to have to be some 'lean times'.

So let's not have Labour saying "Look, the Tories are going to cut", and Tories, let's not have you saying "we wouldn't", because any political party that doesn't see spending 'restraint' as a necessity in the near future doesn't deserve the responsibility. Yes it would be nice if the new Government could come in and announce this new spending plan, and that new record investment, but having pissed all our money away, like my toe nails, things will need cutting soon.

Instead, we are left with more abysmal politics justifying why nobody in the real world gives a shit about what is said and done in the world of politics.

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