Saturday, 28 June 2008

...and then there was none.

The Tories under Hague, Howard and Duncan Smith.

The SNP under Swinney.

England under McClaren.

Hearts under Frail.

When you have no talent within your squad, a winner you shall not become.
When your boss has been as successful as dying painfully doing a spot of DIY, you know your ship is sinking in a sea full of shit that's full of sharks who like the taste of weak politicians.

But when that boss has just been chomped down like a stale twix by said sharks, and she really was your only heavy-weight (well, as Scottish Labour MSPs go, compared to anything else, she was), you have to worry if you are a Labour supporter, though you could just switch to the ever-improving Greens or BNP?

Nobody who's being touted for 'the top job' (as one reporter described it!) is anywhere near talented enough. In fact, even of those not being touted, I can't see the skill, the panache, and certainly not the desire for job. It's a sign of how politically suicidal it would be to take on the job that none of the 'younger, fresher, new-directioner' Labour MSP's have been trying to do a Cameron, the new political technique.

To an extent, the Labour leader though, as a post, is insignificant. Over the last ten years, it has been pretty much the same shadow/cabinet political twixes bouncing around with impressive inadequecy, failing to wow us with any of the characteristics they call skill, passion or ability. If a football manager (Jack McConnell) buys a load of crap players (Labour ministers), they will lose.
After losing the League and Cup (they of course didn't qualify for the champions league), if they replace the hapless manager with one of the squad as player-manager, AND KEEP THE SAME SHIT SQUAD OF PLAYERS, THEY...WILL...STILL...LOSE.

What Labour needs is a summer clearout, but we know it won't happen. So the Andy Kerr s and the Margaret Currans at ShitLabour FC won't be effective, because, for too long, they have been part of the problem. Throughout the next few years though, if they all get a shot at the shithotseat, they will slowly all die that slow DIY death, until there is no one left from the old guard, and the new generation (by this time probably calling themselves 'Labour+') will have no choice but to takeover.

But will Labour last long enough to reach this stage? There are so many runt's of the litter within Labour waiting to have a go that unless they realise that it's not the Leader that's killing them, something much, much worse could happen.

A democraticly legitimate Lib Dem opposition. We cannot allow such a thing, so please Labour, sort it out.


Have just been watching the Obama/Clinton rally, where they're all chanting "Yes we can!"

Just caught a funny picture in my head of a similar sort of rally, in the Barras, with Margaret Curran on some raised platform leading a chant of "No we can't!"

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