Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What is a REAL Tory?

Want to know what the Tories are really like? Think Cameron's representing the Conservative Party members when he tries to be a friendly face, Dave-from-next-door type? Nope.

Every now and again, the press hint at rumblings of discontent within the blue ranks of British politics. Many outside (and inside) the party believe Cameron is leading his people down a road they would rather not travel, that what he says doesn't represent what they feel and that a bit of a mutiny has only been staved off by a guaranteed success in the election and the promised land of Government.

Well, if Norman Stone's article in the London Evening Standard is representative of real Tory views, then Cameron has a problem in the basement and the British public are close to electing a Jeckyll and Hyde outfit, with no guarantee of which one'll be in charge. Talking about the Cameron campaign so far, Stone says of the Tories "This is not our world". So, DavCam's not representing his people.

So what do real Tories, if Cam ain't one, believe in...?

- The real Tories want us out of the EU as soon as possible.

- Reversing the smoking ban "would at once collect votes in millions". Really?

- In comparison with Istanbul, he explains..."If an able-bodied young man started begging, he would be honour-killed and quite right too". Does that sound like the friendlier, more compassionate Conservatives we've been hearing about?

- "old fashioned pubs" shouldn't be closing down when "gruesome, noisy clubs" flourish, staying open late.

Most of all, what sums up the Conservative mentality? Stone highlights how losing this election would be great news for the party, because the Tories could take over later, looking like even shinier knights in shining armour. Ah, there's nothing more endearing about those Tories than the their commitment to what's the best for...the country? No... the party.

If you're not sure about voting Tory, read this article. It is this outdated mentality which scares the crap out of the public and what the Tories are trying to hide away, their dirty secret, their true selves. I would love to hear Norman Stone's views on education, poor people, homosexuality...


scunnert said...

Oh aye - that's the Tories. Thatcher was the ultimate Tory - they worshiped her. Everything else is just a branding job courtesy of a PR firm.

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