Thursday, 22 April 2010

Does Alex Salmond hate Scotland? Or is he just an idiot?

I honestly can't decide.

Salmond has announced that a hung Parliament will be the most beneficial result for the Scottish people. He believes that without one party dictating it's will upon the political process and country at large, "Scotland's greatest opportunity exists".

Salmond's SNP manifesto launch has received serious news coverage and column inches down south in England, and publicity-eyed Salmond will no doubt be as chuffed as an Irish alter boy that he has received so much press in the 'big boy papers'. But the papers aren't talking about the manifesto, they are focussed on what he has said about a hung parliament being great news for Scotland.

This is why he is either an idiot or doesn't love his country.


If he genuinely believes that a hung parliament is best for Scotland, then shouting about it is about the worst thing he can do.

Whether we like it or not, Scotland is not a popular place down in England - to them, all we do is take, whinge and rain. The Barnett formula, although often reported wrongly in the press, has created a buiding tension among many English men and women. We get more money per head than them and they know this and ain't happy about it. Our MPs get to vote on England only issues and they know this and ain't happy about it. Seriously, more than we recognise, sheltered above the border, resentment towards the Scots is a growing, growing force.

And whether we Scots like it or not, the more the English think about the imbalances, the more likely they are to vote Conservative. And the more likely England is to vote Conservative, the less likely the chances of a hung parliament. And if a hung parliament is the best thing for Scotland, Salmond shouldn't be doing the one thing that will guarantee more Tory votes south of the border. If he can't see this, or is choosing to be blind to the reality...he's an idiot.


Is the same as the above but with different intentions.

Salmond's no political novice. It has long been believed that a Tory Government in Westminster is preferred by the SNP camp because they can then stoke up the anti-Tory, "remember Thatcher?", poll-tax reminiscent politics that seems to strike at the tribalism in Scots blood to 'inspire' independence. If the best thing for Scotland is a hung parliament, as he says, then why say so? Whether the SNP gets 7 or 20 seats, the possibility of a hung parliament or a majority is not going to be decided by the SNP's benches. The more he talks about what Scotland will gain from a hung parliament, the more likely English voters are to vote against ending up with a hung parliament.

Salmond denounces the three main parties' "cuts agenda". This comment should qualify Salmond for the "IDIOT" section above becuase he seems to be the only one left in the UK who doesn't realise WE NEED A CUTS AGENDA, WE HAVE A F***ING BIG HOLE IN OUR ACCOUNTS. With Salmond saying that Scotland should not be affected by the (necessary) cuts, people in England will hear nothing but Scottish people not willing to do their bit to cut the deficit, Scottish people saying "give us even more money". This will not endear Scots, or anything that will benefit us Scots, to the majority of those in England.

So if Salmond's plan is to provoke English voters to go for a Tory Government, just so he can pick his independence fight, then he is not doing what is best for Scotland, which in his own words, is a hung parliament. This means he ain't doing what he's doing out of love for Scotland. It's his love for the fight.

I've often wondered if Salmond, given the option, would like Scottish independence or whether he just likes the 'struggle' and would prefer to sling punches rather than walk away successful.

Now I'm wondering... is he just an idiot?


scunnert said...

although I'm not Salmond's biggest fan I do enjoy his combative, pugilistic debating style. I think he would welcome either a hung parliament or a Tory win. With a hung parliament he can leverage the value of SNP votes. If a Tory win he can demonstrate the futility of voting Labour. However, a Labour or a Liberal win would be a disaster.

Indy said...

You are kind of missing the point.

The SNP has made it clear what cuts they would like to see. Trident. ID cards. Bankers bonuses. The House of Lords.

What we will get is cuts to the NHS, education, care services etc because the London parties care more about status symbols and keeping the politcal virility symbol of nuclear weapons and the UK's seat at the Security Council than they care about their own people.

A hung parliament is the only scenario where an organised Celtic bloc of MPs would be able to take any action to mitigate this in their own nations. So Salmond's actually just being honest about how things might play out. Whether that makes him an idiot is a judgement call I guess.

Jamie said...

Scotland is a feeble little province thats propped up by English money.

Alex Salmon can get lost!

scunnert said...

Jamie - you sound a little
peeved:o( If you'd like England to have a fairer, more prosperous future you should elect a party that isn't in it for the cash. As for Alex getting lost - that's what he, and many other Scots, would like to do:o)

Political Dissuasion said...


I too admire his cambative debating style, but it's the rest of his political approach that worries me. What he is saying is more likely to make English voters run back to the Tories. If he would prefer to have the Tories in power than Labour, then that is him giving thumbs up to a bad few years for Scotland. I understand that in that situation it'd be a means to an end, in SNP eyes, but I'd rather Scotland didn't take the hit from the Tories. I also believe a hung parliament is a bad thing for the Nats. A Lib/Lab coalition in Westminster would not do the Nats any favours and would be much more pandering to 'the regions' - I think the SNP in Westminster would get sidelined in a big way.

Political Dissuasion said...


I may well be missing the point. Or I may be trying to highlight another one. I hate to use a Gordon Brown phrase but the SNP has to "Get real". As much as we would like to see it gone, Trident isn't going to be scrapped cos Lab or Tory will be in power, whether in coalition or outright and they will never give it up. There HAS TO be cuts to some areas such as education, NHS etc becuase we are in the sh*t. And a hung parliament is one thing, but a coalition government is little different from a one party govt. If they agree, everyone else (Celtic bloc or not) can shout all they want, but the Govt will have the votes.

Political Dissuasion said...


Very maturely put. Well done.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary - a Lab/Lib coalition is arguably the best possible scenario for the SNP.

A 2011 Holyrood election campaign conducted in the context of massive cuts being imposed/proposed by such a coalition could present the SNP with an opportunity to achieve the unthinkable - an outright majority at Holyrood.

A high flying SNP with the three others all around the 18 - 20% mark makes this a distinct possibility.