Thursday, 2 October 2008

Scottish Labour - Another councillor...another scandal

It looks like after the SNP's gun-totin', Councillor Hanif, Labour's councillors are now at it.

John Holden, Labour representative for Inverness South, has apparently been arrested for fraud. Well I can't help but chuckle.

Will the Iain Grays, the Cathy Jamiesons and the Kezia Dugdales be screaming "SHAME!" from the parliament's poorly built rooftops? Will they instantly be demanding that Holden be suspended, punished, resign, expelled from the party or at worst, put down?

I'm guessing not.

And you know they won't, and you know they'll come up with some pish, even if he's found guilty, to explain that he did nothing wrong, Labour's shite smells of roses and it's actually all Alex Salmond's fault.

And the difference between Holden and Hanif? Holden (if found guilty) will have broken the law, whereas Hanif will just have done something that society frowns upon. Now, I'm not defending Hanif's weaponised-butlins soujourn, but it must be said that he didn't break the law, whereas if found guilty, Holden will have done.

Even if Hanif was pointing a Kalashnikov at Scottish Labour, they still wouldn't hold their hands up.

And we know why. Labour's policy is (and I'll concede, almost all political parties are exactly the same, it's just that the current issue concerns a Labour member)

"Not in our backyard! (but if it's in our frontyard, then we mustn't grumble)."

I hope to see Labour pushing for the same punishment they demanded for Hanif, because Holden's actions are deemed by our laws to be worse than Hanif's.

Go on Labour prove me wrong - but we know you won't. "SHAME!"


Cato said...

Er...aren't you jumping the gun a bit?

He's been arrested. Last time I looked, that didn't mean anyone was guilty of anything.

Political Dissuasion said...

Er...Cato, I quote myself when I say... "if he's found guilty" .

Twice I made reference to this stance.

I've not said, at any point, that he's guilty, all I've said is IF (IF IF IF) he's guilty, I'm guessing Labour will act as I describe.

And on a legal stand point, Hanif was never arrested, never accused of breaking the law with those guns, yet he was hounded by Labour and treated as a criminal.

So to answer your question, no I ain't "jumping the gun" (interesting choice of phrase).

Mono said...

here's another one...

Political Dissuasion said...

Cheers Mono,

And an MP nonetheless! Nice to see the 'big guns' showing some criminal solidarity with the lesser Labourites.

Still waiting for any promise of condemnation from Labour if Holden's found guilty.

I'm not Holden my breath though.