Saturday, 12 April 2008

A note to Calum Cashley

Kezia Dugdale is organising a rally in support of Obama, which so far has support from every political grouping.

The SNP's Calum Cashley seems to have lost the plot over this issue and after reading his irrational post, am beginning to think he has shares in Clinton Inc.

So I write to him here...

Oh Calum.

Where in Kezia's post does it say they are "telling" Americans who to vote for?

"Support" is the word they use regarding Obama and the elections, and all they are planning to do is "rally" in "support".

At no point do I see the words "demand", "tell", "insist", "order". So why has this caused you so much angst? Taking an interest in foreign politics is no bad thing, as you say, but showing support for a candidate in America isn't telling someone what to do, it's taking an interest in what is undeniably a world event.

You probably know this, but just incase you've forgotten...America is the most powerful country in the land. It has a whopping big arsenal. Loads of money - of which, a shed load ends up here in our economy. Yes, a rally in Edinburgh will probably have little or no impact on the election as a whole, but directly or not, the election affects us all.

Would you criticise me for organising a rally against Robert Mugabe's treatment of the people of Zimbabwe, where people are dying, starving and being jailed for actions and rights that you and I take take for granted?

Is it wrong of me, when people are dying, to take an interest in foreign issues?

From this day forth, I never again expect to hear you, ever, make comment on
China's human rights abuses
Iraq War
American elections or policy (Iran, credit crunch...)
Malawi (...I could go on)

because the moment you choose to "...interfere in the politics of another nation...", you will forever be labelled a hypocrite, wrong, and a "...shallow and insincere politician".

Kezia is doing something she believes in, for a cause which she thinks will have benefits the world over. So from now on, if you disagree, then fine, disagree. But there's nothing wrong with expressing an opinion.

And even though this one rally will have little impact, my vote in the next Scottish election will probably have little or no impact on the final result also, but we all still do it, we do what we can, all in the hope that our little contribution can make a difference.


Gaun yersel' Kezia. I think Clinton's gonna get it so it's a shame I can't be there to join you all in support of a better America, but best of luck with it.

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Anonymous said...

eh? Cashley is clearly perplexed at why there is a rally, tee-shirts and god knows what else for a candidate in a party selection process in a democratic foreign country. Everyone admits it will not make any difference, so why is Kez and others bothering with this. This is not to say we should not have an interest in the American elections - we should - and we should form our views and have a discussion about it, but that is surely as far as it goes. No?

A rally? I cannot get my head round this. What a pointless exercise? Who are you speaking to in this rally? Who is the audience? It makes no sense!

And yes, Calum can continue to comment on despotic regimes around the world. There is a world of difference between speaking out against the evil of Mugabe and holding a rally (a rally!!!) in favour of an internal party candidate in the mother of all democracies! His view on this makes him no less entitled. He is not castigating Kezia for holding a view, but for organising a campaign and rally. If no-one can state what purpose or difference this campaign/rally will make, then to use a tactic deployed by Kez repeatedly on her blog postings, we can only ASSUME she is trying to interfere in the politics of another country.

Have I said I cannot believe a rally and a campaign has been organised on this!!!