Thursday, 27 March 2008

Snouts in the trough

Michael Martin's got a wee secret.

I don't know what it is, but we all know he's got one.

Why is he so, so adamant that we don't get a wee sneaky-peak at his financial-expenditure-adventures? Surely he knows, that we know there's something to know. And when it does come out, the press are going to have a great big bloody carnival. The more fervour he throws behind not letting the truth out, the more and more sordid I'm convinced it is (anyone else reckon he used to be Betty Boothroyd and paid for the op through expenses?). But the big problem is that he is not alone and a large number of MPs are keen to avoid publishing these expense lists.

We all know they have there snouts in the trough, to an extent we accept it as part of having people in power - it's what they do and we don't complain - unless they're really taking the piss. But when he has gagged MPs from even talking about the appeal against releasing these details, of course 'on legal grounds', we know whose been a naughty boy. Just how naughty, Mick?

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